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How to sell on Facebook

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Posted on July 16th , 2019 at 4:00 PM

Back in the 80’s, the fashion scene was full of round, funky glasses, weird patterned shirts, high-waisted frilly jeans, and lots of colors. Today, the ever-changing fashion scene finds itself going back to its old ways and reviving what is now known as “vintage.”

We have the hipsters to thank for that; you know, that little segment of the younger generations (aged between 18-25) who have a strange fascination with everything old and borrowed. They love it all: Records, cars, clothes, etc. They brought the fashion back, but where would they be without thrift stores?

A thrift store is the slang name of a second-hand fashion store. They’ve come to occupy quite a presence in the fashion scene today, and some people even prefer going there to shop because they guarantee three things: Style, affordability, and abundance.

Although the store might not have more than one item of the garment, they do have many choices to look through. Unfortunately for us, we can’t just ditch our schools or workplaces to spend happy hours plunging through shelves of vintage clothing trying to find a new style (We can, but society tells us not to).

Luckily, just like the rest of our lives are now digitized, so have our stores become. If thrift stores caused a bang, imagine what online thrift stores are doing.

One of the world’s most renowned fashion scenes is, of course, the French fashion scene. Yes, including the thrift store scene, because who ever said fashion is limited to high-end brands like Chanel?

There are a variety of online stores that sell secondhand items for those who prefer to explore the vintage fashion scene. Not only do they offer clothing that screams blast from the past, but they also offer modern second-hand clothing for those whose fashion choices aren’t as daring.

If you’re looking for the best places to find second-hand clothing in France, look no more. Here are a few renowned and go-to options for the online second-hand shopper.


In France, Leboncoin is quite the big deal. Just like the US has eBay, and Lebanon has OLX, France has Leboncoin. They sell a variety of items, ranging from cars to furniture and is quite convenient if you’re looking to buy an SUV and a candleholder in preparation of starting a new home.

Leboncoin not only offers used cars (and candleholders), but is also a hub to sell secondhand fashion. It may not exactly be its speciality, so it doesn’t really guarantee finding the perfect prom dress or the perfect tux for your brother’s wedding, but it does have some stuff.

Approach Le boncoin with little to no expectations as to what you may find, but who knows, you might find the perfect pair of heels, or not. It really depends on what people are putting up for sale.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your browsing with Leboncoin.

Label Emmaus

This small little online marketplace is a wonderful getaway for anyone looking for anything cute and neat. Sure enough, they’re a lot like Leboncoin, just on the more simplistic and minimal side. Luckily though, they offer a wide fashion variety that caters to both men and women alike.

From tops to accessories, suits to shoes, Label Emmaus has it all. The prices are incredibly affordable and full of variety. For example, shirts can either be simplistic or eccentric, which makes this place an ideal marketplaces for all types of fashion tastes.

Here, variety is more prominent than in Leboncoin, so it’s easy to look within categories and find what you’re looking for. The downside is, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll like it. You could be searching for ankle boots, and you’d get some with cow prints on them, which isn’t exactly your cup of tea.

It would be a downright shame not to give this website a try though.

Vestaire collective

Self-titled as “the leading online marketplace to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion”, this website is one of the best in France for buying second-hand clothing. The secret speciality: Quality checks and in-house authentication service.

When buying second-hand clothing, it’s easy to buy clothes that are cheap as chips but in horrible condition invisible to the naked eye. It’s not hard to miss a tiny rip in the sleeve and a discoloring on the shoulder patch, especially if we’re shopping online. This is why Vestaire Collective is so wonderful, they want to guarantee that you don’t encounter that.

After a feature in Vogue and with millions of users, Vestaire is indeed a highly reliable shopping platform, and an enjoyable one also.


Although originally based in Germany, this online store does do the pleasure to delivering to all European countries, including France. Any second-hand high quality fashion label is found here!

A little more on the pricier side, this website does do authenticity and quality checks before sending out products to their buyers just to guarantee that they do not receive anything other than mint quality (Yes, such a thing exists for second-hand garments).

Ever wanted a Chanel bag for slightly cheaper than usual? This is where you’ll find it.

Video dressing

Founded by Meryl Job, former product manager at Chanel, Vide Dressing was the first online vintage store and despite being based in the UK, has a site that caters to the French consumer market.

The strength of this site lies in its customer community which is where customers can share their listings and profiles. It’s like Facebook, but for the fashionably vintage community of France!

The prices might be a little high, such as those of Rebelle, but it’s a safe and lovely site to use when you’re looking for vintage clothing. The variety is incredible.

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