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How to sell on Facebook

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Posted on July 16th , 2019 at 4:00 PM

When you finally get tired of your old car and decide to sell it on the online used car market, you become one of the very unfortunate people to be thrown into the wonders of the cluttered web. It looks a little something like this:

“Spacious station wagon up for offer!”

“बिक्री के लिए कार!”

“Beautiful, luxurious, and definitely out of your budget sports car for sale! Marvel at its leather interior regardless of your inability to pay for it.”

It’s no secret that some cars sell way better than others. Why so? Well, it’s probably the seller’s fault. The seller probably put in little to no effort in making the buyer an appealing offer. He probably put in zero effort to take a decent picture, so it ended up looking a little like this.

And it probably resulted in a very lazy ad, like this one *insert picture.*

That’s not all there is to it, though. Buyer tastes are not always going to match seller tastes, and this results in a mismatch, where the seller ends up losing.

Take a flashy green car and an elegant, silver one; the silver is much more likely to sell faster. This is because a lot people prefer riding in a car that screams luxury rather than riding in something that looks a lot like Shrek.

Before selling, you will most definitely need to assess the specs before you put it up, just to give yourself an idea of the selling process, an estimate of the selling price, and the type of customers you’re likely to deal with. If you don’t, the whole thing will feel much like going blindfolded into a bat cave.

Dominating the car market are certain specs that sell much better than others. The grand majority of people will always prefer a certain color, transmission, brand, interior, and type better than others.


Blocked roads during traffic jams look nearly the same all over the world: You have the foul-mouthed drivers, the bored kids sticking their head out of the window, and an overwhelming sight of grey, white, silver and black.

Of course, there must be a reason a huge majority of drivers prefer these dull colors over many others, and no, it’s not because they’re depressed.

Many factors affect manufacturer’s choices of car colors. You’d be surprised to know that trends in the electronics industry are a huge factor in affecting manufacturers’ choices of car colors. It’s weird to think how the color of a cellphone could affect the color of a vehicle, but hey, if Donald Trump can get elected, then anything is possible.

In the early 2000s, silver technology was prominent amongst everyday users. Silver cell-phones, computers, and home entertainment systems were a huge trend, and so silver cars became a trend. In the mid-2000s, when Apple was making a name for itself in the tech market, it began to release all white technology, from MacBooks to iPhones. This not only started the Apple craze, but it is also why white cars became a huge trend in the car market. White is still, to this day, the number one most popular color for cars.

The tech market isn’t the only influencer on manufacturers. Any good car manufacturer will calculate the buyer’s personal preferences, and the vast majority of buyers have shown a tendency to purchasing cars with these colors.

These colors remind buyers of luxury and elegance, and induce a sense of prestige and status. Ever seen James Bond pull up in a pink car? A blue one?

Black, silver, grey, and white consist 70% of car colors. Less popular colors that are on the rise are red, blue, and beiges/browns. Red is gaining speed mainly because it’s the signature color of the esteemed car brand Ferrari. Even if you’re not riding in one, the fierce red color will make you feel like you are.


Car transmissions are a very vast topic, so let’s cut it short. The two most popular transmissions worldwide are the manual and automatic, and while you think the key difference is who controls the gear (the car or you), you are severely mistaken. In reality, differences are expansive.

Manual transmissions include total control over the gears, at a price cheaper than automatic transmissions. However, this comes at the cost of your patience and effort. If you live in an urban setting that is overcome with traffic (shout out to all Lebanese people), you will understand the trouble of having to switch gears constantly. This is why in such settings automatic cars are much more popular.

Automatic transmissions do not give you total control over the gears as the car does the switching for you, but it is more fuel efficient than manual cars. The downside here is the price, since these type of cars are usually more expensive.

The determining factor here is the setting in which you live in. People who live in areas like Beirut are more prone to buying automatic cars instead of manual, and the opposite is true for many other places around the world.

Think of your environment when figuring this factor out, and ask around. To be really professional, perform a survey asking people their preference. There’s always the option of selling in another city in your country if you find the numbers are higher there.


In August 2016, cars.com released a chart of the best selling cars up until that month. The Ford F series comes in at first place, with Chevrolet, Ram, Toyota and Honda coming in afterwards. This tends to change as a result of many things. For example, MSN.com states that as a result of an overstatement of fuel efficiency of some cars, Mitsubishi fell back and lost sales.

There’s no brand that ever stays at a constant number one, because the market is always changing and brands are always bringing something new to the table. At the time you are selling your car, it would be a good idea to check the stats and see if your brand is in demand. The market is ever-changing, so do not be lazy with this step.


As the importance of animal rights becomes a worldwide topic, younger generations begin changing eating habits. Now, and more than ever before, people have begun to change their eating habits, choosing vegan and vegetarian lifestyles over carnivorous eating habits. To meat-lovers, this screams insanity, and to car manufacturers, this screams losses.

After having dominated the market for a while, leather interiors are finally losing speed in the face of these rising food trends and animal activism. Advocates of animal rights are choosing synthetic fabrics instead of fine leather.

Car manufacturers are losing their minds trying to think of ways to overcome this crisis. For all we know, they could have spent hours in their offices cursing vegans and vegetarians everywhere, before they came up with a brilliant alternative.

Now you can get the best of both worlds. Instead of real leather, car manufacturers are instead opting to use synthetic leather. You can ride in style and luxury, and be an advocate of animal rights at the same time.

What does this imply for a second-hand car seller? It means that if your car interior is made of real leather, a segment of the population won’t even think twice about exiting your ad. It sounds weird, but target the carnivores and meat-lovers.

If you’re the lucky owner of a car with a fabric interior, then no need to fret. If someone is interested in your car, they won’t back out because of the interior, that’s for sure.


We all know the feeling of walking out of a movie with a craving for the luxe life. We want the hottest cars, the biggest mansions, and the best lifestyles, and as appealing as they are, they are in no way easily attainable.

We can’t all ride the same cars James Bond rides, no matter how much we want to. As beautiful and as appealing as they may be, they’re shockingly not the most popular car type.

The most popular automobiles are usually just your typical four-door vehicle. Convertibles, sports cars, even pickup trucks do cater to the tastes of the general public and their preferences, but not to their lifestyles. Most of the general public cannot afford these types of cars with regards to finances, and lifestyle. Ever seen an entire family riding in a Ferrari?

Then again, it all depends on the market. If you’re reaching out to a bunch of single men living in a rich neighborhood, they’d be interested in buying your car, if they aren’t seeking a brand new one already. On the contrary, if you’re seeking a quiet suburban neighborhood, a station wagon will sell, with higher guarantees than a rich neighborhood.


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