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How to sell on Facebook

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Posted on July 11th , 2019 at 4:00 PM

It’s easy to picture how you’d sell your goods online these days, because all you have to do is put up an ad on Facebook and the word is already out. But let’s all think back for a second: Before Facebook became as widely used as it is now, where would people go to sell their unwanted goods?

Before Facebook’s flourish and shift from a mere communications site to a large social hub, there was once a trusty site called eBay. Poor eBay died too soon, because now Facebook is even positioning itself in the Classifieds space, by launching its own marketplace for used goods.

The majority of sellers and buyers have stopped referring to eBay as their primary platform for selling and buying online, and have instead shifted their focus to Facebook to sell popular goods, kids stuff, bulky and breakable items (couches, dining tables), and small items like DVDs and such.

The importance of Facebook

Unless you’re a clam living under the sea, you are probably aware of the existence of social media, and you are most probably using it. Selling on Facebook is a very profitable endeavor. If you choose to post an ad via a Facebook group specifically concerned with selling or buying, you will guarantee that the interested parties will see your ad. Don’t get your hopes up, they might not buy it or show interest, but at least you got them to see it.

There are entire Facebook groups out there dedicated to selling just one type of good, like bikes for example or vintage clothing, or even Star Wars memorabilia (Who wouldn’t like some Chewbacca collectibles?). The target audience is a sure guarantee when selling on Facebook.

An even bigger benefit is that Facebook does not look for ways to take your money, like eBay does. While eBay takes a small share of the profit made and charges you for posting online, Facebook lets you do your own thing and keep all your money. (Yay Facebook!)

So convenient, simple, and great, now how do you use it?

How to sell on Facebook via a Facebook Group

The following situation illustrates how someone is capable of selling their products via a Facebook group.

• Find your desired Facebook group/target audience . If you’re selling something quite popular, like a bike in Copenhagen, you will find several options to choose from. You can compare the number of members, response rates, and activity on the group to see which would fit you best.

Take 2 or 3 pictures of your product.Do it from different angles, so your audience has a clear view of what you’re selling. Pretend you’re doing Yoga, but with a cellphone. Make sure you highlight the good aspects of your product through your photos, like a good paint job on a bike.

Price it right.Sometimes sellers don’t really realize what their product is worth, so it would be a good idea to check out prices online, such as on eBay or Amazon. If you have some goods that could go along with your product, like a bike bell, consider including it in the sale itself. This way they’d be intrigued because they’d see a good package, when really, you’re just getting rid of a few extras.

Find a good time to post. It’s a good idea to observe when users are most active on the group by seeing what times they comment, or which posts have the highest readership and attention. This means that the time in which these posts were put up are an ideal time for people to notice. If you don’t have much time to do this, the ideal time to post is around 5-6 PM on weekdays, when everyone is off of work, 2-3 PM on Saturdays, and around noon on Sundays.

Write down a small paragraph of about 200 words. State what your product is, what condition it is in, the price, defects if there are any (There’s no use hiding that dent you got when you accidentally hit someone’s car), in addition to a few kind (More like puffy) words about how this product is a benefit to the buyer. Remember, you’re doing this on Facebook, where words are all that matter. You have to be able to sell it to your audience without boring them.

Get some advice.It’s always great to get feedback on your post, whether it be from other sellers or from a randomly selected audience. The key question is: “Would you scroll past or would you read?”

Put up your post on the group. Put up your post and keep your eyes on the stats for the coming days. See if people like it, comment on it, or private message you showing interest. Don’t forget to include your location! For safety purposes, only include a general location, not a full address, like the city for example.

Follow up with your buyers. If you see that someone has liked it or requested you to private message them, do not hesitate to contact them. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers! Always message your buyers privately, and even invite them to check it out in person. Who knows, you might land a spontaneous sale.

Make the sale in private Meet with the buyer if possible before closing the deal, just to make sure that they are legitimately interested in your product and won’t stand you up at the last minute. You’d be surprised at how many shady buyers are out there.

Give people a 24-hour window of opportunity

Close the deal with cash Give your buyers the chance to think about the product for 24 hours before you close the deal. Some buyers may message you showing interest, and then quickly back out when they find a better deal or change their mind.


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