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Prepare Your House for Listing [Checklist]

by Hello

Posted on July 11th , 2019 at 11:00 AM

It’s the end of the road for you and your car: It’s been there for years, and after seeing your neighbor in his brand new Mercedes-Benz, you become a little jealous of his new ride and you decide that it’s time yours has to go.

The decision is an easy one to make (or difficult, depending on the relationship between you and your car), but the execution soon proves not to be so easy. How in the world are you going to sell it?

Thinking back to the old days, people usually put up physical ads everywhere to get their car sold, including a small “For sale” sign with their phone number underneath in the window of their car.

After driving through their local town a few dozen times, they would have guaranteed that at least a few dozen people would have seen the sign. Driving through a few more times would have guaranteed higher exposure rates, but if you drive in front of your local bakery a few times you can’t guarantee that the baker will want to buy your car.

Thanks to online communications, now you won’t have to put up a “For sale” sign in the window of your car. Online marketplaces are giving everyone the chance to sell anything online, even your used car.

Now, you can either dive in with an ad hoping for the best, or you could actually work your way through it to get the best outcome. Seeing as the second option is more favorable, here’s how you can sell your car online and guarantee a speedy sale.

Do your homework

After years of companionship, you’d be surprised at how much information you don’t know about your car (The same is applicable to marriage). You would have probably never thought to check the mileage, the condition of the engine, the paint, the interior, and many other things. Now, you have no other choice but to check up on everything in your car. After you’ve done the car check up, you’d have to set a selling price for it, and if it’s too high, no one will look at your ad ever again. This step is very important because it could make or break your sale. If you’re interested in knowing how to rightly price your car, we have another article up on that.

Create an ad

The internet is cluttered with the most hilarious bunch of ads one can possibly think of. Sellers forgetting to set a price, take a decent picture, type the offer in correct English, etc. Check out these:

Yes, they’re going to draw a lot of laughs from buyers, but they will also push them away. Incorrect spelling, lack of pictures or explanation and so on all mean one thing: incompetence.

Unless it’s a witty pun or a playful joke, buyers will take these as a sign that you are not a serious seller, and that trying to complete a transaction with you will be an absolute waste of time and money.

Thus we get the first rule of selling online: Don’t be unprofessional, be very serious.

Just like the right concoction of sugar, spice, and everything nice created the Powerpuff Girls, a right concoction of great elements could make the perfect ad. Most importantly, your ad should contain the following:

  • • Model, make, and year car was made.
  • • Specs: Color of the car, interior, transmission, etc.
  • • Mileage.
  • • Detailed description of the condition of the car, and the needed repairs if required.
  • • Price, including the price of any repairs if need be.
  • • Good photographs. Good here is directly synonymous with clear, professional, and flattering. NEVER take any pictures that makes the car look like the leaning tower of Pisa, or like your person garbage chute. A clean and polished car is sure to get more interest than a dusty, messy one.
  • • Contact details. Leaving your email or phone number will be enough for the buyer to contact you directly without immediately exposing yourself to danger.

After you’ve got these all sorted out, it’s time to get creative. Picture that you’re Jordan Belfort and you want to give your buyer an offer they can’t refuse. The public will buy anything if it’s sold to them right. Ever wondered why Apple does so well? Besides the incredible work that goes into creating such intuitive technology, they know how to sell. That’s why in the US, you’d have people camping outside Apple Stores just to get the new iPhone.

Know when to post

If you post your ad at 5 am, the only people who might possibly see it are the insomniacs or those pulling an all-nighter. If you post it at 3 pm on a Wednesday, response rate within your area will be very low because people will be at work or in classes, except for a few special cases. There are certain timings that attract and draw people towards social networks or online marketplaces. For Instagram for example, posting times are ideal at 6 on weekdays and around noon on weekends because that’s when people are most available.

This changes from one online platform to another, so it would be a good idea to check out the right timing for your platform of choice. To do so, you need to check out the posts with the highest stats and see when they were put up. If it’s not possible, look up the right timing online. Chances are someone out there has already written on it and put it up. Never underestimate the importance of posting during the right timing because it could guarantee an instant sale.

Be responsive

After your ad is successfully up, your phone will become flooded with messages, phone calls, and emails. I know what you’re thinking: How dreadful it is to be bombarded with so many people at once. Sadly, that’s business.

It could be so great to just ignore the phone and pretend it isn’t ringing when really the same caller has tried to reach you like 6 times, but if you do that, you are the one that’s missing out.

Respond to your buyers almost instantly and you will instantly start off at the right foot. All it takes is a minute of your time to get back to someone instantly. Think of it this way: The faster you respond, the faster you can make a sale. The more you ignore, the longer and more tiring it becomes.

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