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Prepare Your House for Listing [Checklist]

by Hello Harold

Posted on July 11th , 2019 at 11:00 AM

When you’re listing your property for sale, there are a number of things to consider. To save you time, money, and possible conflicts with your buyers, we’ve created a checklist for every buyer to complete prior to selling the house! Grab your pens.

Things to think about

  • • How old is the property?
  • • Do you have electricity issues (flickering lights, blowing fuses)?
  • • What condition are your pipes in?
  • • Do you have problems with water distribution?
  • • Do you have humidity, mold, or mildew problems?

Is the house fit to be sold

  • • Do the rooms in the house feel spacious?
  • • Is the house clean?
  • • Are all things that don’t need to be showcased packed up?
  • • Are any rooms used for storage (other than the basement/storage room)?
  • • Is the finishing in good condition
  • • Do the bathrooms look used?
  • • Is the kitchen in good condition?

Have you depersonalized the space?

  • • Have you put all family photos away?
  • • Did you pack your collections (books, music, videos…)
  • • Did you remove any items that could be regarded as offensive (religious symbols, political affiliation…)?
  • • Do you have a pet? Remove any signs of their presence (at least during showings)
  • • Are you using strong spices that leave a lingering, uninviting scent?

Does the house look ready?

  • • Does the house look presentable both inside and out?
  • • Are unnecessary things removed?
  • • Does the entrance look inviting?
  • • Is the garden maintained?

Is the house ready for direct move-in?

  • • Are all walls re-painted in white and cleaned up?
  • • Are the doors in need of paint?
  • • Are there any visible holes and cracks from previous hung-up paintings?
  • • Are any mirrors damaged?
  • • Are the showers and tubs renovated?
  • • Does the kitchen look clean?

Position yourself as a potential buyer, and consider these things:

  • • How do the rooms look like with your furniture placement?
  • • Do the rooms feel inviting?
  • • What is the focus point in the room? Is it apparent?
  • • Is any damage visible?

Be ready!

After fulfilling the checklist thoroughly and properly, if you find that there are still a number of repairs and updates to be done, set your budget and work accordingly. Organization is key.

  • • What are the main repairs needed ?
  • • What is your time and budget limit ?
  • • What updates can you make a pass on due to certain limitations ?
  • • What can you offer potential buyers as an alternative

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